I work on these during my “free time”

Raspberry Pi Relay Switch

This is one of the few projects I am paid to build. This allows me to activate or deactivate devices wirelessly over my wifi network. I use the Raspberry Pi microcomputer to host a Flask website, allowing me to manipulate its pins. This project is still in beta, and once I get paid, I will […]


Automated Greenhouse

This project is my calling. It is a semi-autonomous greenhouse powered by the Raspberry Pi and made with modular panels. Modular Designing… Controller Sensors Actuators Why


Quadcopter Drone

This is probably my most fun project: An Arducopter Drone. It is designed to be a survey drone. It has moderate power, and a top speed of 20 MPH I 3D Printed the chassis with my 3D Printer from files I downloaded from I modified several of the files for my uses, but most […]


Rep Rap 3D Printer

My favorite project is my RepRap Prusa V2 Rapid Prototype machine. It is very reliable, and allows me to imagine, draw, and make very quickly. Many of my other projects rely heavily on this machine. How it Works: This machine works by precisely depositing molten plastic, layer by layer, on a heated glass bed. My […]